Hi !! everyone . I'm NingKunG, you'll know a lot about me here. it was improved something, also have sound effect (lol)...

Hope you enjoy this site but beware your heart (I won't keep it) lol...

7 Feb 08
Welcom !! Dad com home
ตรุษจีน ฤกษ์ดีกะว่าจะรับป๊ากลับบ้าน

4 Feb 08
Borring Day

3 Feb 08
ไปเที่ยวมา Bayantee Max สนุกมาก


I like to go everywhere if i can , like to take a photo. It's good memory. Someone said me look like crazy gal. Don't decide me if you don't prove me. More...


All in activities about my friend's meeting , car club's meeting. It's so funny to go party at everwhere, everytime Yo!!

Thanks for Slide.com make me easy to do my home page. More...

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